B3 Applies For IAC Grant

B3 Skatepark applies for IAC Grant

(and RECEIVES IT!) April 22, 2005

Jesse Epley goes to Olympia

We have had some very positive activities happening in B3 Skatepark Project recently. In July of 2004 I attended the IAC (Interagency for Outdoor Recreation) grant application proceeding in Olympia Washington. Right across the street from the Capitol Building, in the Department of Natural Resources Building I attending the day long meeting along with my mom, Georgine, who is my Co-Chair, Chris Branch, the Tonasket City Planner, and Jon Ortgeisen, the skatepark designer. It was very intimidating, because we watched as other applicants gave their presentations and I felt like we were just very small town and really out of our league, but just two weeks after the presentations we were informed that out of 150 presentations our project and presentation was ranked twelfth! This is extremely important to us because this grant is a total matching grant, meaning for every dollar that we have they will give us a dollar! This is the grant that we HAVE TO HAVE in order to build our park any time soon. We were told that final confirmation will be given in December or January of 2005, but it looks very good for B3 getting the grant. Chris Branch told the local news media that he felt B3 ranked as high as we did for a single reason – – – -Jesse Epley attended and helped in the presentation! He said it was extremely rare for a teenager to put as much effort into any project and that the panel of judges were very impressed. (That was really tight)

Jesse Epley
B3 Skatepark Project
Tonasket, WA 98855

Update: On April 22, 2005 Washington State legislature approved the budget that included the $129,000 request for a matching grant for B3 Skatepark. Funds should be released as early as August of 2006!