We Got The Grant!

B3 Skatepark awarded local grant

October 7th was a good day for B3 Skatepark in Tonasket. B3 Chairwoman, Georgine Epley received a phone call from the Community Foundation of North Central Washington and was informed that after nearly nine months of paper chase, B3 had been awarded a $5000 grant to help with the construction of the skatepark and BMX track.

This was an important step for B3. We had begun the application for this grant in January of 2004. They were very specific about the types of projects they would fund, and the information they would require. It took a lot of time on our parts to comply with all of their requirements, but as soon as the paperwork was submitted they were extremely courteous to work with, and very helpful. We received a phone call within a month of their receipt of our paperwork stating they were interested in our project. They wanted to help us, but they wanted to make sure that when the money was granted, it would not sit idle bank account. We were told that because of their limited funds, they would prefer to approve our grant just prior to construction. They were also very interested in the fact that we were applying for the IAC grant. We were instructed to keep them apprised of the IAC grant activity and once the ranking for the state grant was released, The Community Foundation of North Central Washington scheduled an interview with Georgine Epley.

A few short weeks later, Georgine received the phone call confirming the grant’s approval. This grant brings B3 Skatepark Project’s total to $261,353.26. The Community Foundation of North Central Washington is based out of Wenatchee and serves Chelan, Douglas, Grant and Okanogan counties. The Foundation awards approximately $911,000 in grants and scholarships each year. The Community Foundation of North Central Washington is one of more than 600 community foundations in the United States, including a dozen or more in Washington State, that employ a simple two pronged concept – that people working together can make a difference, and that charitable money which is invested will grow and can continue to have an impact long after the actual gift is made. The Community Foundation of North Central Washington is a charitable community trust organized as a nonprofit in 1986 from the sale proceeds of nonprofit Chelan County Medical Service Corporation (a Blue Shield Plan).

The Community Foundation acts as a vehicle for linking community resources with community needs. They accomplish this by building a pool of funds, investing them and awarding grants from the funds to nonprofit organizations and institutions working to support all that is good here in North Central Washington.

The Community Foundation is a collection of 160 separate funds varying in size from a few to over one million dollars.

For information about the Community Foundation,
call Beth Stipe at 509 663-7716